Project Infrastructure


Preliminary bulkhead system includes I-beam braced steel sheet pile walls with a tie-back anchorage system. Mooring bollards will be provided along the sheet pile wall. A continuous mooring pipe will also be located on the water side of the wall. Seven, 70 feet wide by 250 feet long concrete docking slips are planned, providing covered loading /unloading opportunities with access to public roads. Approximately 10 acres of leasable area with approximately 1700 linear feet of bulkhead will be dedicated as a “Heavy Lift Area”. Channel widths vary from 500 feet wide to 700 feet wide. The port will have a maintained dredged depth of 33 feet. Approximately 25,000 linear feet of all-weather roads and two new pile supported concrete bridges will be constructed to provide egress and ingress to Port Cameron. Roads will be two lanes, consisting of 12’ travel lanes in each direction with 4’ shoulders and appropriate turning radii for truck traffic. Swale ditch drainage and overhead lighting will be provided alongside of roadways.